Graphic Comics

Welcome to the graphic comics for Change Unleashed! We use the comic/graphic novel format to spread the message of social justice in a dynamic way. Stunning artwork is a welcome addition to the often boring walls of any school. This is a totally new concept, a poster sized graphic novel (Not a printed book for a library) but for a display in your school. Post it and find heads turning.

Students, if you don't see these graphic comics on the walls of your schools yet, talk to your student council.

We have 3 exclusive graphic novels, one of the Free The Children story which has the approval of Craig and Marc Keilburger. Craig, "I love it" and Marc, "Wow, so cool" says it all. Poster format the story is told of that fateful day when Craig, 12 years old read the headline in the newspaper. Travel with him as he shares to his classmates and takes his journey to Asia. Post this and find students captivated. Special thanks to Marc Kielburger of Free the Children for approving the creation and distribution of an exclusive comic of their story. As well, we have a social justice graphic comic about a poor boy who travels to the big city in Tanzania for his first time and about a young man who would not give in to the demands of a Rebel army.

Our graphic comics are $30.00 for the poverty comic, $40.00 for Rebels vs. Santosh, and $50.00 for the Free the Children story. $100.00 for all three graphic comic stories. $160.00 for two of each story (six total) for a bigger school. For the price of about ONE textbook you communicate a message to an entire school, graphic novels are huge with youth, they WILL catch students eyes.

Ordering is simple! If you are a teacher or represent your student council, email us and give your order, name, and school name, and address and we'll send it out with an invoice.